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When I got the call that Michael our neighbors and good friends’ son was getting married and was engaged I was ecstatic. I also was just as excited to hear they decided to have us do their engagement photos! 

Michael joined the Air Force last year and we were able to attend his going away party, where we also met Sarah his beautiful girl friend at the time. It’s always nice to see a boy that we have seen growing up become this young man that makes his parents proud. Charles and I have seen Michael as a child growing up and now were so excited to capture his next steps in life... Sarah and Michael's love story has just begun. They are next stationed in Hawaii and their wedding is in July 2017. Thank you Michael for having us capture your love with Sarah and serving our beautiful country!

 I photographed their engagement session in Troy NY around our home town, enjoying the farms, rolling hills , wildflowers and setting sun. I hope you love the photos as much as we do!

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"Lavender & Lark" During the winter we always try to do a personal project, this winter we had a contest for individuals to give us a unique ideal for a photo shoot. We had many entries of various subjects. One that kind of stuck with my wife was an entry of a friend who suggested some pictures of a girl in a gown on the road side hitchhiking. It was kind of a perfect beginning to start our minds brewing! We were gracious enough that the recipient agreed- the planning began...

The dress was from Blush Fashion and the rest was a day of creating some unique images.

Hope you like the results as much as we did!!

"Let's take our heart for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees" unknown


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Catseye Red Carpet Event Over 29 years ago, John and his wife Monica dreamed of starting a business that was all about making customers happy and in 1987, their dream became a reality. Catseye began as a two-person operation — John used his mom’s old station wagon and went door-to-door offering pest control services for homes and businesses while Monica managed their tiny office in their home in East Greenbush, New York. 

Today, the Catseye family has more than 75 employees and is one of the most recognizable brands in its local markets. Charles and I were pleased to be the photographers at their red carpet event. The photographs capture not only the organization but also the essence of the family owned business. Here are some of the photographs captured that evening.


Venue: Overit

Catering: Mazzone's Hospitality

DJ: Nonstopmusic



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Ryan + Bridget = Lovell I am so excited to blog about this engagement shoot, the location was perfect. Rolling hills, beautiful creeks, old barns and best of all the cutest couple! Their love story is just as cute. Bridget and Ryan met in 1st grade and went all through elementary, middle, and high school together but never really thought much about each other. In high school she worked at the local grocery store where Ryan's mom would shop. He actually would refuse to go there because he didn't want to run into Bridget and have to make small talk. After high school they really didn’t see each other until…

“We reconnected after college via Facebook. Ryan was doing research on the migratory patterns of shorebirds in South Dakota/Nebraska. Facebook messages turned to phone calls then turned to Skype dates. After 3 months when his research was over he drove all the way back to NY to take me on a date and we've been inseparable ever since!” They chose the land because it was Ryan’s uncle propriety, his uncle passed away with cancer last year, he has so many fond memories of the place, we toured the barn looking at old equipment and you could just feel the history and work that was done there. Charles and I loved reminiscing as well as shooting there. It was perfect. The hills so picturesque, the barn with the light shining through made it magical. Bridget and Ryan added to beautiful scenery. We hope you enjoy their photos as much as we do!!

"In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”
– Rumi


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At the G.A.M.E Farm Kids In the winter months we love to take on a personal project. This February was perfect since the season slows down during the winter months and getting out and photographing is our favorite thing!

Charles and I had an opportunity to photograph this wonderful family in Berne NY that raise goats. They have two handsome sons that adore their farm.

Emily and Matt moved to their home knowing they wanted a farm of some kind. The property had no pastures or barns. In May of 2014, Matt and I went to a sale and bought two goats to surprise the kids with. It was spur of the moment kind of thing, we left with 2 bottle fed goats. “We didn't have anything ready or any former experience. It must have been a calling, because that same day our friend Dan called and asked us if we wanted a lamb? The ewe rejected him, so now we were bottle feeding three! He became Clyde, our main ram. From that day, we haven't looked back. We now have two pastures and built two barns and will be adding a third pasture this year.”

Emily states that “Sometimes assisting or just watching the newborns come into this world, brings such joy. This year we are expecting our first lambs March 9th! Ten ewes are pregnant. Some first time mothers, some veterans.

The name of our Farm is G.A.M.E Farm Kids, my husband came up with the name, its perfect. “ It's our names, including our son's names-





They wanted the farm to teach the boys responsibility, and Emily is a animal lover.” But we also wanted to raise what we eat. And the kids are all involved with all processes. They understand that some of the lambs serve another purpose than a pet. They help out mostly with the feeding or playing. Pasture lamb, is what we decided was going to be our thing. We sell it by the whole or half. Everything is fresh custom cut and cryo-vacced packaged to an individual’s liking.”

“Also, we know exactly what they are eating which in turn you know what you are ingesting. It makes a difference in the flavor.

We have two turkeys that are here to stay. Nellie was spared on thanksgiving of 2014, and she now has a partner in crime to keep her company.  Our Chickens we raised from day old chicks, they provide us with fresh eggs daily. Coupled with the guinea hens they eat bugs and ticks. And the guinea hens are some of the best guard animals; they let out quite the yell when people pull in the driveway.”

“In May of 2015, we acquired a barn cat Clarence. He is currently living in my basement I can't fathom him spending nights outside in the cold. He has become quite the charmer.

Without farms we wouldn't have food. Farming is not easy, and not always fun. But something inside makes me wake up early to go out and feed and check on everyone. I never want our farm to become so big that I can't remember a ewes name and she turns into a number. I care about every single animal on this farm. I have spent countless amounts of money and sleepless nights on a goat that broke her leg, and or a sick animal, I Slept in the barn and on occasion solved all the world's problems while bottle feeding lambs. Animals give us so much more than being just a pet or profit they are part of our existence. “

A Slyer Image spent an incredible morning visiting the Farm, the children showed us their favorites and the barns and of course their dogs, cats and wonderful home. Personal projects are the best we get to meet awesome families and tell their amazing journeys’ of life.  We hope you get a feel of their farm and enjoy our journalist approach of their farm and home.


To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which has been planted.


Ecclesiastics 3:1-2

Until we meet again...



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Tony + Alexis I was so happy when Alexis reached out to us last year for her engagement photos, It was perfect we photographed on a beautiful spring day as the sun set. It was also perfect since it was Memorial Day weekend and Tony was in the Army. The pictures captured their love for each other and how proud Alexis was that Tony was home and ready to start their journey. Alexis and Tony also asked us to capture their wedding day; we were so excited about documenting their day- The sight of a uniformed man all filled with love gets me every time. A Slyer Image captured just that, and today we are sharing this ridiculously beautiful wedding with you!

Venue: Troy Country Club, Troy NY

Flowers: Michele Floral Designs

Hair: Lauren France  at Jean Paul Salon

 Make-Up Artistry: Erica Sherman at Jean Paul Salon

Band/DJ: Michael Napoli

You are every reason, every hope and every dream I've ever had ― Nicholas Sparks


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John + Elyse I am so excited to blog about this wedding. When Elyse contacted us, Charles and I knew that this was going to be a magical day. Elyse explained that she saw some of our pictures on facebook and knew we would connect. We met up in Brunswick NY a couple months before to discuss details and yes, we connected immediately, it was like talking to an old friend.

Two weeks prior to the wedding we took a ride to their home by the lake in Hague NY. Hague, once known as Rochester, is nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, and situated on the northern shore of Lake George. Their home with amazing views of the mountains and lake made for the perfect setting in every way!

When John and Elyse met they both knew right away that this was the ONE! John explained that after they met they had a romantic evening and lit paper lanterns over the lake, as they moved slowly over them and floated together into the night sky it was a sure sign it was meant to be.

"You're my shooting star because everything I've ever wished for is everything you are."

- Author Unknown

The wedding was held on Silver Bay, the chapel reminiscent of something out of a fairy tale, stone walls set on a little hill and a winding paved walkway- truly a romantic setting! Elyse and John both have very tight knit families; they made sure to include family and friends in the celebration. They’re entrance into the boat house reception was “we are family”. Everyone quickly joined them on the dance floor; it was truly an amazing way to become one big family!

I think Elyse sums up the day the best-

“On the perfect, summer's day that I shared with the perfect group of people I married my perfect "Match", and had the perfect wedding.”

Venue: Silver Bay YMCA

Make-up Artistry: Erin Ford 

Hair: Elizabeth King

Flowers: Binleys

Band: The Projekt


It was quite the party!


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Stephanie + Young We were so excited when Stephanie sent us a message for us to be the wedding photographers for her June 27, 2015 wedding. After meeting a couple of times we could definitely see their vision. Young being of Korean decent wanted to included his father’s church where he officiates- Shalom Korean Church.  We have worked with Stephanie prior when we did the pin-up series. She is beautiful and full of energy! Charles and I were also excited to get to know some of the traditions of a Korean Ceremony and also be part of their reception- since it was a little of nostalgia for us. We were married at the Italian Community Center on Washington Ave Ext. twenty three years ago.

Their day was perfect, everyone was calm, excited and so gracious- just magical! There are so many favorites in this group of photographs; we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Young danced to the song “It’s a Wonderful World” with his mom, I could not agree more! Love and gratitude was so apparent in that room. Charles and I are fortunate that we were part of their special day!

To love is to recognize yourself in another. – Eckhart Tolle

사랑한다는 다른 사람 속에서 자신을 인식 하는 .


Venue: IACC Treviso by Mallozzi's

Wedding/Event Coordinator: Jennifer Henley

Freelance Makeup Artist: Veronica Nunes

DJ: JAM Productions Entertainment 

Florists: Danker Florist


In Love with this photo..... so beautiful!



one last one....

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Katelyn & Daniel's Wedding I am so excited to blog about this wedding- It’s the ultimate urban rustic wedding.  We both were excited because not only would it be a great wedding, but Charles and I are good friends with the bride’s parents. The family moved up here to Averill Park when Katelyn was in her first year of college, to this amazing farm house that they restyled and made it a totally awesome home for the girls! We met with Katelyn and Danny in February to go over their vision. They decided to have the extended family come up here from Long Island to enjoy downtown Troy's Urban Flare. The reception was at Revolutionary Hall/ Brown's Brewing. The brides flowers were embellished with vintage broaches from past family members and mom’s collection. The favors were made by Jodi and Tim. It was their amazing homemade wine bottled in the cutest bottles! Old photographs of great grandparents, grandparents and parents adorned an old door for guest to reminisce. To the first dance serenaded by solo guitar player- to Katelyn dancing with her father to Lyrics 'The House That Built Me' by Miranda Lambert- which brought me to tears! We hope you love these photos as much as we do- here is a little peek of this magical day!

Venue: Revolutionary Hall/ Brown's Brewing

DJ: DJ Chris Johnston


"If I could walk around, I swear I'll leave
Won't take nothing but a memory
From the house that built me"

How perfect by Katelyn's Christening dress!


"I know they say, you can't go home again
Well, I just had to come back one last time!"


Just Magical...

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On a Winter's Day with Amanda! Its funny most people hibernate during the winter- but Charles and I love to keep busy and capture as much as the snowscape as possible. This weekend was perfect for shooting- the fresh fallen snow made everything pop with color and texture. We put it out on Facebook that we needed a model and after several responds we decided to use our friend and amazing photographer from Amanda Vitti Photography. Charles and I have followed her journey not only in her photography but also in her quest to become healthier and fit. Amanda has been running, working out and is officially registered for the 2015 Lake Placid Half Marathon on June 14th!! She looks absolutely fabulous- love how these came out! 

"When it's wet, rainy and cold and you gotta squeeze in a short run what do you do? You get off your ass and you get out there! And you crush an 8:31 pace...think I'm officially a member of team No Excuses! woot woot!"


“all girls are beautiful in their own way” 

― Marilyn Monroe

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"I Ride an Old Paint"  

The first time we met Chelsie we fell in love with her care free spirit and her love for Knucklepuck. We first photographed them both in the late spring, it was one of our favorite shoot. The love and care we saw with them was amazing! It was the perfect Saturday, the snow was falling and we felt so lucky to get a chance to share her story, but also take some beautiful photographs of her and this powerful creature. This is their story.....

"Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return."

"During the summer of 2013, being only 17 years old, I spent months traveling hours upon hours searching for the perfect horse. My dream horse has always been a Paint but on my search, color didn't exactly matter. It had to be safe along with healthy and in my budget since I was paying for him all on my own.

Finally in August of 2013, I thought I found the perfect horse. He was a Palomino gelding that was sold right from underneath me. I immediately called my boyfriend balling my eyes out because I thought he was the "one". The same exact day the Palomino sold, only 15 minutes from my house I found a Paint that I went to look at right away. He was a 12 year old, registered American Paint Quarter Horse gelding named Knucklepuck. It was love at first sight. I immediately put a down payment on him without asking my knowledgeable family and friends for their opinions. Within a week, on August 29, 2013 I was brining my best friend home to meet his new herd. Three days after I brought Knucklepuck home, I brought him to our local fair for a Gymkhana. My parents along with my boyfriend thought I was nuts because I didn’t know him yet, but my gut feeling just knew that everything was going to be okay.

Ever since this gelding has came into my life, he has taught me so much about myself along with the responsibility that comes with owning a horse. Together, with the support of so many people we have overcame the challenges that have faced us along the way. Together, we succeed at whatever it is that we do whether it is barrel racing, sorting cows, cattle driving, trail riding or gymkhanas. Together we win as one, and we grow as one. It is truly unbelievable how a human and a horse can bond so closely."

This was our first shoot with Chelsie & Knucklepuck- one of my favorite photo! So much trust-

"Tie my bones to the saddle and turn our faces to the west

And we’ll ride the prairie we love best"

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The camera and a dream- The Best 2014 As we reflect on the year we are grateful for all the new acquaintances and the ability to do what we love. So many life moments this year- marriages, engagements, births, first birthdays- 50th anniversary and families just wanting to share life moments! As we look back we are truly living a dream- A hobby that has developed into so much more, we are so grateful to you all!! Here's to 2015 and making new connections and memories! 


Just of few from the year 2014!






Thank you for a great year! Much Love!

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Kevin+Stacy- Engagement Session I love it when an old friend reaches out for us to be part of their life event! An old high school friend reached out to us to take photographs of her son's engagement. The couples both live in Staten Island NY and were coming up to visit in October- a perfect fall day to do their photos. We were delighted they chose Washington Park area to shoot- the couple met while she was attending SUNY Albany. These guys were a blast- we automatically clicked- many laughs and some great shots- I know their 2015 wedding is going to be Fabulous!!


“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 

― Dr. Seuss 


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Lifestyle Photography with Lisa Lifestyle photography is a style of portrait/people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday.

We were so excited when Lisa contacted us to take some lifestyle photos. Being a fan of Troy NY and its architectural styles , little shops, cafes and beautiful old buildings- why not take them there! The forecast called for rain and we were so fortunate to have about an hour or so with out it- but the wind was blowing! Even though the weather was an obstacle in real life we don't always have the perfect situation-

I am so thankful to all the shops in Troy that help us on this windy- rainy day! Dang that's Cherry with the vintage umbrella, Trojan Horse Antiques for providing us a lovely place to shoot and Market Block Books for a relaxing spot to look at new and upcoming books! We have so many favorites we can share- These are just a few!

“Become your own success story, not someone else's.” 

― Stephen Richards

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Leaves+Apples+ Family+ Fall=One Awesome Family Session When I think of Fall, I envision crunchy yellow and red leaves, warm cups of apple cider, cinnamon sticks and bonfires with friends and of course awesome family pictures.  When Melissa contacted me I was delighted to set a date. I immediately thought of the perfect setting- I am so fortunate to have some friends that live in the most picturesque place- it was perfect!   Melissa's choices in wardrobe was just right -Bright reds give a nice pop against those warm autumn colors.  Adorable fall-themed outfits, and a sweet family – now that’s the making of an incredible photo shoot. And what a shoot it was! Here are some of our favorites...    


”If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” ― Winnie the Pooh ..


“Some people care too much. I think it's called love.” 
― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

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Ariana + Joe Wedding I am so excited to blog about this wedding- It’s the ultimate Romantic Country Wedding. We met with Ari & Joe a couple of times before the big day and every time I was so intrigued with their ideals and planning. They had friends and family stitch beautiful banners that were displayed under their tents, the napkin rings were pure rustic and the boutique magical with all the abundance of wild flowers. The couple just stunning!

The wedding took place at their home, where you can see the love they both have for nature, with their bountiful garden. All the touches were ideals, thoughts and dreams. The ceremony a quiet intimate exchange of vows they wrote to each other with Ariana brother officiating. The ceremony was under a tree that was adorned with twinkle lights, at the end guest threw lavender that was placed in family members’ chairs.

The favors were homemade jam that they both made, the cake and dessert table was a mix of family and friends favorites! Her mother best described the day as a tapestry of love.


Just as two very different threads woven in opposite directions can form a beautiful tapestry,

So can your two lives merge together to form a beautiful marriage.


Ari + Joe, you two are crazy adorable and we send you lots of virtual high-fives for throwing a fantastic wedding and inspiring us!  


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Jenn + Rich Engagement Their love started with a simple lunch date at the park-  where they would have great conversation of their thoughts, dreams and future. Also got to know each other as friends, a mother, a father and eventually a soul mate. Jenn a couple weeks ago expressed that “I'll be marrying one of the few REAL men left out there!!  He came into my life as a single partying kind of guy and not much experience with little kids, yet stepped up to help care for and love my children as if they were his own! I'm so grateful I couldn't have asked for a greater guy to be by my side. No matter how much I nag, or have my not so sweet moments you are ALWAYS there to help me when I feel like giving up, a shoulder to cry on, and to just talk and snuggle! I can't wait to be your wife- I love you!"

We are excited for the August 15, 2015 wedding at Birch Hill - Here are some of our favorites from their lunch date spot!

"All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name."

"Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself." 

Andre Breton


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KERI & ALLIE WEDDING “Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.”― Nicholas Sparks


Anytime real love happens between two people, we are honored to be the ones chosen to show the world what that looks like. Keri and Allie choose to have their ceremony in Troy- so happy to be in Troy and photograph in some of our favorite spots. Keri and Allie choose local small businesses that they wanted to show case in their wedding. From the beautiful arbor that was made by hand of weathered wood- to the flowers, and texture, made the ceremony feel urban and modern.  Their day was filled with those they hold dear to their hearts- It was a truly beautiful day, sunny and clear skies, perfect!


Venue: Luca’s Confectionary- Wine Bar The setting pays tribute to the building’s confectionery history, using reclamation materials to create a design inspired by the industrial era of the City of Troy.  Manager at Luca's Confectionary/Wine Bar  Samantha Parker

Flowers: Flowers by Pesha Weddings, Sympathy, Special Occasions, Every Day Creative wedding work with brides. Flowers for all occasions and special add-ons! Want a candy station at your wedding? I can make it happen! I love every minute of it! Saratoga Sweets, Unique gifts like Village Candle, Old Fashion Candy & Balloons. We also design flowers for corporate events, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more!


Music: Erin Harkes   Erin Harkes is an original singer/guitar/piano player from upstate New York! Performing in most major venues and has acquired quite the following in the past few years.


 Arbor: Weathered Wood, Troy   Weathered Wood of Troy is a sweet little store full of art created with Mother Nature’s help. It is right across from the Wine Bar & Confectionary and Next door to the Illium in the heart of downtown Troy.


For the LOVE of Troy!




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Edward & Christine's Wedding We were so excited when Ed and Christine ask us to do their wedding photos. The wedding was a small intimate gathering with family and friends. Sometimes in life our plans change and love happens when least expected, Christine wrote just last week that she could not wait to marry her best friend. The wedding was outdoors at Thatcher Park, all the weather reports showed heavy rain all day. When Charles and I woke up it was pouring, we both said we'll do our best to capture their day- old umbrellas, rain boots, etc., were ready to do this!! As we drove to the park, the rain stopped and oh my goodness even the sun was peeking through! Charles and I always love small intimate weddings, Ed and Christine's wedding is best described as simplicity, informality and the absolute absence of stress, what else could you ask for. Her cousin performed the ceremony, cake was done by a relative and the makeup was done by her best friend and cousin, a total family affair- the best kind! The view was breathtaking, the food was delicious, and a good time was had by all! We wish nothing but the best for them both- may the sun always peek through the clouds and greet you!

After every rain storm a rainbow appears and love shines!

Having FUN! Love it!

Having FUN!


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Dana & Samantha Wedding Yay! The day has finally come- I was so excited when Samantha and Dana chose us to document their wedding day. I cannot believe a year has gone by! Dana & Samantha engagement shoot was in downtown Troy NY at Ryan’s Wake where they first met—we knew immediately that they were a fun, energetic couple! We immediately connected!

These two were naturals in front of the camera, it made our job easy!

The Wedding Day--It was the perfect summer day- weather was gorgeous! The Shaker Ridge Country Club was the perfect venue for some amazing shots- the grounds and views were spectacular!  When we arrived we immediately started taking photos- the girls were fabulous and helpful! Samantha and Dana have some amazing friends; we had a blast with all of you! Dana and Samantha, We adore you both. Your day was perfect, real, and a true depiction of your love. You're incredibly blessed with amazing family and friends and we are honored to be a small part in documenting your first day as husband and wife.


Venue: Shaker Ridge Country Club 

Makeup: Beauty with Julie

Florist:  The Flower Girl

Music: DJ Kenny Casanova

Caterer: 2 Shea Catering


  Ryan's Wake Engagement Session-  June 2013

Wedding Day June 28, 2014- Picture Perfect Day!





Daddy's Little Girl-


“The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart.”― J.G. Holland

I just adore this photo!




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Katelyn & Danny Engagement Session  

“Home wasn't a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go.” 
― Sarah Dessen

We were so excited when Katelyn asked us to do her engagement photos, we were first introduced to Katelyn through her younger sister Emily a good friend of our daughter Amanda. We quickly became friends with their whole family. They moved to Averill Park NY in 2009 after living in Long-Island, her parents purchased a  old farm house in Averill Park- that they restored to its natural beauty. Katelyn being from the big city was torn at first about living in such a small community- but when she visits I truly see the love she has for home and the life her parents have built here. When Katelyn and Danny were ready to do their engagement photos we discussed many different locations and decided why not by HOME, it was a picture perfect spot! Katelyn and Danny traveled up that day from the city, stuck in traffic and running late we ended up shooting later than expected, but it was perfect! The later light made for some magical images!

Katelyn and Danny are just full of smiles and so easy going! I cannot wait for their wedding in April 2015 at Browns- it will be nothing less than perfect!


The Ring!




Wish upon a "Shooting Star"- 

They are shooting stars-a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. And in a flash, they're gone.”― Nicholas Sparks

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Images of a Senior Farewell  We had such an amazing night with Serena, I first met Serena  at her sweet 16 party and I am amazed on how much she has grown. She is a sweet girl with so many dreams and goals. We were delighted when mom asked us to take some images of her before she ventures out to college life and experiences.

 “Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” - Oprah Winfrey



Averill Park  High School Court Yard-

The light was magical in the field- Sabrina looks beautiful!

Mother & Daughter- Love 





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Engagement Session with Helen & Geoff I just loved photographing Helen and Geoff’s Engagement Session- Helen and I worked together at a previous job and I always expressed when you get the ring- I will do your engagement photos. We use to have a ball in the office- I still remember her posting pictures of the American Gothic Farmers everywhere after a shoot I did- I found the pictures for months later… they haunted me. Hahaha

I thought I write a little bit of information from their website introducing Helen and Geoff. We decided Troy since their reception will take place there and we all felt it expressed them- What perfect spot, it was a brisk Saturday morning and the Farmers Market was in full swing. We took many different shots and of course we had to have BAM- their dog. We wish Helen and Geoff an amazing life together- We appreciate that they shared a piece of their life moments with us!

About the Couple:

Helen Marie Wilson, whether you've caught her accent at home or not, is a Long Island girl at heart and will always be. Growing up on the island she loves the beach, appreciates the country and loves a healthy balance of both. She's recently earned Masters in Speech Pathology and has found a new love in Albany, NY, but always finds time to go home to the Island. Though she won't admit it, she is also a dork like Geoff. She has a big heart and loves working with kids!

If you asked any of Geoff's close friends and family to describe his journey to find the one, they'd probably say the same thing. He'd just tell you he never had time for girls, until Helen came around. Growing up in Rhinebeck, Geoff spent much of his time hanging with friends; playing drums or watching re-runs of Happy Days and throwing disco parties or holding FBI club meetings. A typical dork that always made sure to get his homework done on time, Geoff found his passion for video and decided to start to make a career out of it. Now at Catseye for 5 years, Geoff strives to better himself and create fun stuff for everyone to enjoy. He's found his mate in Helen.

Love this first photo- A band setting up at the market- we thought his shirt was fitting- and funny!

Love the Farmers Market! 

some of their favorite places to dine-

some other great spots in Troy NY-

Helen and Geoff both enjoy Hockey- and going to games- 

Some of my favorites with their dog- BAM!

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"Costume Play" I love when we get a request to shoot a model it gives us an opportunity to really show our artistic ability. When Alex contacted us we were delighted, as we thought about the shoot we envisioned a beautifully dressed girl in just the most crazy place- ruble, abandon building’s, garbage ect… We also thought how cool it would be to make our own dress?! We threw the ideal out to Alex and she was more than willing to try something out of the ordinary. She replies with “I’ll make my dress!”  Alex came over the morning of the shoot with her homemade dress; the top was newspaper and the bottom totally made out of garbage bags! We loved the results! Not only did we photograph her in this cosplay format- but also try different dresses, an old prom dress, and a Marilyn Monroe dress Alex owned. The location was perfect, even in destruction there is beauty. We were lucky to also have some great Graffiti in some of the old structures.

What a Fun shoot- We also can not forget the help of her friend Kayla from R​ehab Cosmetics she did an awesome job with her makeup!

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” 
― Albert Einstein




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Maternity Shoot- with a little Bohemian Flare! I had an awesome opportunity to shoot with this amazing girl I met last fall Kim Drake, we actually did a model shoot where we had some candy lips and some really cool eyelashes! I also love working with a friend of ours Veronica Nunes that we first met from a mutual acquaintance, we have worked with her on several shoots, The River Street Riot, The Day Of The Dead Shoot and of course our favorite The Pin- Up Series. It’s always a great experience working with Veronica Nunes.  Her artistry with makeup is superb; her business name is known as Makeup By V.

 Kim lives in Connecticut but will shortly be moving to be with her husband, who is in the Army. Kim is such a beautiful girl inside and out- with this shoot we thought about Kim and her look and decided that her long beautiful hair and her dark eyes wouldn’t it be great to do a bohemian flare.  We decided long flowing dresses and a beautiful spring crown embedded with all those bright colorful flowers. Makeup by V did her magic and came up with her natural look- I am so pleased with the results. I am also pleased because Kim and Veronica have been lifelong friends, so sharing the morning with them was so nice, what a better gift than your best friend sharing in such an occasion.

Here we have some of our favorites; we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! We wish Kim all the best on her new adventures!

Love this one- so natural and just a perfect setting!

Becoming one with nature, with body and soul-

A little Bohemian Flare

Love the friendship between these girls! Thank you girls, memories that will last a life time!

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Celebrate Mom! This Sunday is Mother's Day! Every day I celebrate my mom, in thoughts,reflections and sincere gratitude. When I became a mother I was just a young girl, so naive of the reality of raising a child. I remember leaving the hospital and turning to my husband and saying " really she ours we go home, is the hospital crazy, I am not ready!" and then the fun began, I stared at this little miracle called life, her movements, her yawns and little wiggles and smirks. I would awake to feed, change her diapers and YES, check if she was still breathing.  Looking back I know I've made some mistakes along the way,  Like getting that candy in the super market so my girls would just stop crying, or giving in to that soda at family parties, but overall I think I did OK! I also became aware that WOW, my mom is the BEST! I cannot express the gratitude and love for my mom. How did she do it, always putting us first, never seeming too tired to make dinner, do our laundry and listen to every ridiculous story of ours? Every day I feel blessed to have her with me; so as a mother’s day tribute I thought I would feature some of our mommy photos and give thanks’ to sharing your precious mommy moments with us!

“I like it when my mother smiles. And I especially like it when I make her smile.” 
― Adriana TrigianiViola in Reel Life


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Fashion Photography The thing I love most about photographs is the way we can bring an inspiration to life. Our ideals can come from many things: books, fairy tales, music, travel or some crazy elaborated thought we had the night before, inspiration is everywhere! Being able to pull off a good shoot with a model is not always easy, weather permitting, hair, makeup-  and the right makeup artist are all essentials. I love adding something whimsical and romantic to our photography. Here are some of our creations-

The Inspiration for this photograph was the Shel Silverstein Poem- "Where the Sidewalk Ends" 

We also love the pin-up era and rockabilly- These were taken with a collaborate effort with a little shop in down town Troy- "Dang That's Cherry" Its so much fun to Play Dress-up!!

Makeup Artist was Veronica Nunes- She's amazing!!!!

We also got a chance to work with Leah Jung- A tattoo model, This image landed in a book

It was also pretty much our first model shoot!!!

 We were also so lucky to work in an establishment in down town Troy-http: //Lucas Confectionery

An Awesome wine bar that we enjoy very much!

Lastly here are some other favorites- 

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Why Engagement Photos!? When I got married in the early 1990's I would have never thought of engagement photos, but I did not think of registering for my gift selection either! Goodness I remember my traditional Italian mother being upset that I wanted a black and white wedding and a slim fitting dress (mermaid)!! Times have definitely changed, for the best! And can someone tell my Italian aunt- Corelle is not fine china!! lol!

Why Engagement Photos!? Engagement sessions are a great idea and I’ll tell you why-

Get comfortable in front of the camera before your BIG DAY!  Unless you are in front of a camera on a regular basis, chances are, having your photo taken can be slightly uncomfortable at first.  Look at your engagement session as a ‘test run’ with your loved one.  Have your photos taken without all of the pressure of getting perfect photos!

To establishing a relationship with the photographer, knowing their style, likes, and dislikes.

To showcase your personal style, to give a glimpse of the couple you have become, let people know about your pets, hobbies and favorite places.

And lastly why not send out a save a date that speaks volume,  they are also romantic and FUN!

Here are some of our favorites!


don't forget to include your pet!

and lastly a modern take on the American Gothic


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Natural Photos Of Children People often say they like my pictures because they are so "natural" and "candid".  However, there is actually a lot more to them then that!  Photographing children is not always an easy task- Some children love the camera and others well not so much! As a photographer and a pre-school teacher for over ten years I have realized that my skills come in handy, I start out with plenty of books, stickers and toys, so the child feels comfortable. Taking candid of children are my favorite! I usually wait for when they are relaxed and really showing their true expression. I have also spent a lot of time prior to shooting, developing a relationship with the child so that we are all having a great time together.

Here are some of my favorite Candid Shots!

This photo was at Union College in Schenectady, she is looking up at her mom and I as we chatted- love how it looks!

In this photograph our dog Lucy is the entertainment, he loved petting her- and I got the shot of him looking down- what eye lashes!!!

All Smiles with this little one playing at home...

She was so happy to take pictures with her chickens and to show them to me, select places they love sometimes they are the best shots-

Finally I think I was singing "If Your Happy and You Know It"- grabbed this shot

 Just a quick snap at the big oak tree- all smiles at me, Love his eyes!

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Night Light Photography Shooting outside at night is no easy task, photography is the art of capturing light. Your camera is not only a digital image creation tool but more importantly an advanced light collection device. If you think of photography in this way, shooting at night sounds down right crazy. Many nights our adventures usually start right at dusk, we set up our camera's and we start the process, which includes managing to focus on our specific object, testing exposure and of course getting the accurate International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


My husband always manages to want to go out during the coldest nights know to man- Really!? The last adventure was at the Ashokan Reservoir-The reservoir is in the eastern end of the Catskill Park, and is one of several reservoirs created to provide the City of New York with water.The site is very secure- everytime we set up a police car would pull up and ask what we were doing. Glad to see our places our secure, the officer was very nice and let us photograph. It has such a beautiful view of the Catskill Mountains. The first Image is a self portrait of Charles at the reservoir. The second image is Buskirk Bridge a wooden covered bridge and is the name of the hamlet in which it is located. It is in the town of Hoosick. The bridge, which crosses the Hoosic River is one of 29 historic covered bridges in New York State-Built in 1850. We also love shooting close to home- so why not the Playhouse in Albany NY, love how the lighting turned out over the frozen lake.

I ended this set of images with a star trail close to home, the last picture is taken at Peebles Island, Waterford NY. We really love how the image turned out.


We love to shoot Star Trails- A star trail is a type of photograph that utilizes long-exposure times to capture the apparent motion of stars in the night sky due to the rotation of the Earth.



Star Gazing at the Ashokan Reservoir- Charles Self Portrait at Night! Another bitter cold night- I think our car thermometer read -2


Star Gazing at the Ashokan Reservoir- Charles Self Portrait at Night! Another bitter cold night- I think our car thermometer read -2 Star Gazing at the Ashokan Reservoir- Charles Self Portrait at Night! Another bitter cold night- I think our car thermometer read -2

Star Gazing at the Ashokan Reservoir- Charles Self Portrait at Night! Another bitter cold night- I think our car thermometer read -2

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Introducing Lucy!! Lucy is such a happy baby!!! This was her first photo shoot, she was all smiles the whole time- it made my job easy. I love this image she is looking up at her mom with so much love and admiration- love capturing special moments.

"Like star dust glistening on fairies' wings, Little girls dreams are of magical things." - Sherry Larson

Lucy came back to take her first birthday pictures a couple weeks after- mom wanted to take pictures of Lucy smashing her cake- after several attempts she poked at it but never really got it all over- such a little lady!! Happy First Birthday Lucy!!!! 

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